Mystery stains (The stain that wasn't there before)

In some cases, stains will show up after dry cleaning. The occurrence of the invisible stains is best explained by the example of an apple. When an apple is cut in half, the air will cause the apple to oxidize and turn brown. Many stains can be colorless at the time of contact with the fabric. After a period of time, they absorb oxygen from the air and develop into a visible stain. Invisible stains can occur on any fabric or garment, due to a manufacturer defect in the optical or fluorescent whitening agent applied to the fabric. When this agent begins to break down as the result of exposure to light, gases, or cleaning solutions, yellowing results. This problem cannot be corrected and can only be prevented by the manufacturer using stable brighteners. Laundrily will not be liable if this occurs.

Laundry Best Practices
When providing your laundry to Laundrily, it is important to follow the best practices below:
1) Check the care labels of the items and make sure they can be laundered and tumble dried. ‘Dry clean only’ items, or items that are meant to be hand washed or hang dried should not be provided mixed with your laundry. Laundrily will not be liable for items sent in for the wrong service.
2) Please remove all items from your pockets prior to your Laundrily collection. Pens, make-up and other similar items can cause loads of laundry to be damaged. Although we always try to spot these items prior to the cleaning, on some occasions they can be missed. If this occurs, Laundrily will not be liable for any damage caused as a result.
3) Make sure you add / check your care preferences while booking and confirm with us via live chat that we can cater them.
4) Place all your delicate items in a special delicate washing bag and request a gentle wash for best cleaning results and to avoid damage.
Can items still shrink on low dry?

Yes, that can still happen. Our partner facilities follow your instructions to ensure your items are cared for. If you request a low dry but some of your garments shrink, this is part of the normal wear and tear process. Some manufacturers build in a degree of shrinkage for their items, and, over time, this becomes more noticeable. Laundrily will not be liable if this occurs.

What is the difference between a women's shirt and a men's shirt?

There are many differences between a women and a men’s shirt, starting with the way they are made. Men shirts go through a strong process meant to remove grease and body oils. Also, they are placed onto a shirt buck and they are pressed flat between 2 large metal plates. This presses the cotton with extreme heat – the buck is made only for men sized shirts, which is also why the price is lower. On the other side, women shirts usually have different cuts, having curves instead of being straight as the men’s ones. This stops the facilities from using the same machinery for processing. Furthermore, almost always, the care labels of blouses will recommend a cold water wash due to the textiles and factory finishes – they are not made to last in a hot commercial laundry as men’s shirts do. On top, most of the times, women’s shirts also require a hand finishing.

Tips for healthy clothes
We want your clothes to stay healthy for you to use a long time, so we have asked our partner facilities if they have any tips on how to do that. Here is what they said:
1. Never iron stained clothes trying to wear them one more time before cleaning. This will only set stains and deepen them into the fabric, making them harder to remove when cleaned.
2. Do not put a garment away when changing wardrobe for the new season without cleaning it first. The most common complaint when this happens is that the clothes “were not dirty when I put them away for winter”, but now they are full of stains and small holes. Even the tiniest food crumb invites insects.
3. Body oils and perspiration left long on garments will weaken the fabric. Clean these items often to avoid this issue.

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